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Q: Do we play in all of the tournaments?

A: No. You and your Partner chooses which tournament you want to play in. All I ask is you sign up and let me know 2 weeks in advance. Teams will be required to sign up for at least 3 tournaments.

Q:  Are all practices mandatory in order to participate in tournaments?

A: It's beneficial for you and your partner to attend as many practices as possible.

Q: Do you have to have a partner to sign up?

A: It's best and easiest to sign up with a partner. 


Q:  Is this program directly affiliated with the Davis Senior High School volleyball program?

A: No we are not.  This is a separate program.

Q: What should players wear?

A: Gear will be included with the registration fee.  Sand socks are highly recommended!  It's better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them!

Q: Is the sand hot?

A: YES!  It can get hot in the warm summer months. 

Q: Do players need to have their own Beach Volleyball?

A: Volleyballs will be provided during practices. Most tournaments provide volleyballs but we recommend investing in one. 

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